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What Are the Akashic Records? How Can Soul Realignment® Therapy Help?

Think of the Akashic Records as a giant database where the Universe stores all information for all souls from the moment they first came into being, which can be many lifetimes ago! Not unlike the World Wide Web, the storage capacity for the Akashic Records is infinite. Herein lie the answers to the life challenges you have been facing that may be leaving you drained, feeling uninspired and perhaps even hopeless.

Do you walk through life feeling lost, disconnected, at times, from everyone and everything, as though you are stuck, even doomed to keep repeating the same disappointing life choices that leave you feeling unfufilled and trapped in a place of lack? If you feel you can't seem to come close to living up to your full matter how hard you try... then you have come to the right place!

There are often deep-seeded reasons to explain why you feel this way and why you are living a life that leaves you unsatisfied. Working with someone who is trained to properly access the Akashic Records and help you clear these unsavory karmic patterns will give you the Empowerment and Hope you have been craving for so long now.

Why Choose Me? I am passionately living my Spiritual Life Purpose and I have the joyful desire to share with you my time, my gifts, and the knowledge I have learned on my own path. I am a Certified Soul Realignment®Practitioner, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister in the highly esteemed Order of Melchizedek. I specialize in coaching and counseling individuals, including Twin Flame Soul Mates, who hunger for a more spiritually fulfilling life. This includes coming into greater alignment with your Soul so that you can learn how to access your own spiritual gifts and uncover your true Spiritual Life Path. Once you begin consistently making healthier life choices for yourself, your potential is almost limitless!

Stop by and check out my Services Page to see all the ways in which this highly valued resource can help you!

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