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Services, Pricing and Payment

Soul/Life Coaching


Life Purpose Profile/Counseling:  Highlights your soul's Divine Life Purpose using Akashic Record analysis and additional tools. $100, 45-minute session, which includes minimum 2-4 hours of practitioner time to prepare for session.**


Basic Soul Realignment Package:  Includes Life Purpose Profile, A Present- and Past-life review of the Akashic Records to uncover karmic patterns that may be blocking harmony and spiritual development, and Karmic Clearing. $325, 90-minute session, which includes minimum 6-8 hours of practitioner time to prepare for session.*


Complete Soul Realignment Package: Includes Life Purpose Profile, Complete Soul Realignment Session, Karmic Clearing, and three weekly 30-minute follow-up sessions to monitor your progress. $450, which includes minimum 6-8 hours of practitioner time to prepare for session.**


Financial Abundance Coaching: Identifies patterns/ behaviors that are blocking your ability to manifest abundance in your life. Provides tools and actionable exercises to improve the flow of abundance. This is an in-depth coaching program that includes a preliminary hour-long session, plus two 30-minute follow-up sessions and client tools and exercises to realign intentions. $250, which includes minimum 6-8 hours of practitioner time to prepare for session.


Clutter Coaching: Clearing clutter from your life is a very powerful part of energetic/spiritual healing! If you need help letting go of things that no longer serve you, or your living environment is no longer functional as a result of excessive clutter, I can help! Please call (304) 887-9761 for an estimate. This service is provided within a 100-mile radius of Martinsburg, WV. Limited, long-distance coaching can also be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Follow-up Coaching Sessions:  Individual 30-minute touch base sessions that can be scheduled to monitored progress as needed $60.00.


Space Clearing:  This is a distance Akashic-based clearing of spiritual/karmic residue for a specific property address, plus client exercises to reinforce clearing. Base Rate $75 In-person energetic cleansing services are also available upon request within geographic proximity to Practitioner's office. Price is determined by square footage of space as well as number of floors, doors, and windows. For an estimate, please contact Practitioner.

*Fee includes Practitioner time spent reviewing Akashic record prior to appointment as well as preparing materials for session; the average practitioner time invested is 4-8 hours per session prior to meeting to review findings. All Akashic Therapy Sessions must be booked 3-5 days in advance to allow time for Akashic Record review and to accommodate previously scheduled appointments.


Reiki Energy Healing/Spiritual Guidance

  • All sessions are $60.00 per 30-minute session; $120.00 per hour-long session.

  • Sessions can be conducted by phone, FaceBook, or in person.


Twin Flame Counseling

First consult, $125.00 per one-hour session. Follow-up sessions $2.00 per minute, with a 30-minute minimum.


Schedule and Pay for Appointment 

All appointments must be booked in advance. To schedule an appointment, please call or text (540) 401-9711 or message me on Facebook at


For fastest response, please send me a text message. I generally respond within less than one hour.



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